The Best 1 Minute Binary Options Trading Strategy

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As an investor exploring short-term options trading, maximizing your profits in 60 seconds or less requires an effective strategy. With binary options offering defined risk and reward, developing a 1 minute approach provides an exciting opportunity. Before executing any trades, extensive research and testing is essential. Carefully consider indicators and techniques to identify market momentum and direction. Execute practice trades across a range of assets and conditions. Fine-tune entry and exit points to optimize your strategy. Stay disciplined in your approach, reviewing results to refine your edge. With persistence and commitment to excellence, a 1 minute binary options strategy can provide a path to realizing your financial goals.

Introduction to 1 Minute Binary Options Trading

What are 1 Minute Binary Options?

One minute binary options, as the name suggests, are binary options that expire in 60 seconds. They allow traders to speculate on the price movement of assets over an extremely short time period. With 1 minute options, you can open and close positions very quickly which allows for more trading opportunities. However, the speed also means higher risk.

Strategies for 1 Minute Binary Options

To be successful trading 1 minute binary options, you need to act fast and follow a solid strategy. Some effective strategies include:

Momentum Analysis: Look for assets that are moving strongly in one direction or are in a strong trend. Try to determine the direction of the momentum and trade with it. Assets that are volatile tend to work well for 1 minute options.

Reversal Patterns: Look for reversal patterns like double tops, double bottoms or head and shoulders in the price chart. These patterns often precede a reversal in trend, so you can trade the reversal. You have to act fast though, as the reversal may only last 60 seconds.

news Trading: Trade on the immediate market reaction to positive or negative news releases. Look for news that impacts the price of certain assets like employment reports, interest rate decisions, earnings, etc. Trade in the direction of the initial price move after the news release. The initial move is often the most significant.

Resistance/Support Levels: Look for recent highs and lows in an asset price. These represent support and resistance levels. Trade reversals at these levels in anticipation of the price bouncing off the levels. Place your trade when the price approaches the level and aim for a reversal.

By using one of these strategies and trading on your analysis of short-term price movements, you can achieve success with 1 minute binary options. The key is to act quickly on opportunities before the 60 seconds are up. With practice, these strategies can lead to a high win rate and consistent profits.

The Benefits of Using a 1 Minute Binary Options Strategy

A 1 minute binary options strategy has several benefits over other trading strategies.

Fast Paced and Exciting

With trades expiring in just 60 seconds, a 1 minute strategy offers an exciting and fast-paced trading experience. You get to experience the thrill of trading at a rapid pace and making quick profits, all within a short period of time. This fast turnover allows you to place more trades and potentially gain higher profits.

Higher Potential Returns

The shorter timeframe also provides the opportunity for higher returns. With trades expiring in just 1 minute, successful trades can return profits of up to 90% or more. While risky, the potential for these higher returns attracts many traders to 1 minute strategies.

More Trading Opportunities

A 1 minute strategy allows for more trading opportunities since positions open and close quickly. You can take advantage of small fluctuations in the market and open multiple positions within a short period of time. Even small price movements can lead to profitable trades. The high volume of trades also provides more opportunities to gain trading experience and improve your skills.

Requires Close Attention

However, there are some downsides to keep in mind. A 1 minute strategy requires your close attention since positions open and close rapidly. You have to be available to place trades and monitor positions constantly which can be time-consuming and stressful. Missing just a few minutes could mean missing opportunities or not exiting positions at the optimal time. The fast pace also increases the chance of making emotional trading decisions which can negatively impact your profits.

Overall, a 1 minute binary options strategy offers some attractive benefits like excitement, higher returns, and more trading opportunities. But you have to go in with realistic expectations about the amount of time and effort required to trade successfully using short-term positions. With the right mindset and risk management, a 1 minute strategy can be profitable but also challenging.

How to Create a Successful 1 Minute Binary Options Strategy

To develop an effective 1 minute binary options strategy, you must follow some key steps.

Conduct Thorough Market Analysis

The foundation of any good trading strategy is a comprehensive analysis of the markets you want to trade in. Study historical price charts to identify patterns and trends. Look for assets that consistently fluctuate in value and are likely to continue that trend. Also analyze economic and geopolitical events that can impact the markets. The more you understand the markets, the better your predictions will be.

Choose a Trading Style

There are two main trading styles for 1 minute binary options: trend trading and range trading. Trend trading involves analyzing charts to spot upward or downward trends and trading accordingly. Range trading capitalizes on assets fluctuating between high and low values. Determine which style suits your skills and risk tolerance best. You can also combine styles to create a more robust strategy.

Select Appropriate Trade Types

For 1 minute options, choose trade types that work within short time frames. Call/put options and ladder options that expire in 1 to 2 minutes are ideal. Avoid longer-term options like end-of-day expirations. The key is to open and close positions quickly to maximize profits in a short period of time.

Define Entry and Exit Rules

Set clear rules for when you will enter and exit a trade to minimize emotional decision making. For example, you might enter a call option when an asset’s price breaks out above a resistance level and exit the trade if the price drops below a 5-period moving average. Strict rules help you act decisively and avoid guessing. Backtest your rules on historical data to ensure they would have yielded good results.

Manage Risks and Money

With short time frames, risks are higher, so you must control them. Never risk more than 1-3% of your account balance on a single trade. Use stop-loss orders to exit losing trades quickly before losses become too large. Also, avoid overtrading by limiting the number of trades you make each day. Only trade when conditions are ideal based on your strategy rules. Following prudent money management practices is key to success with 1 minute options.

By conducting market research, choosing a trading style, selecting the right trade types, defining trading rules, and managing risks, you can create a simple yet effective 1 minute binary options strategy. With practice and consistency, a successful strategy can help you generate substantial profits from short-term price fluctuations.

Tips for Implementing Your 1 Minute Binary Options Strategy

Choose a Trusted Broker

To utilize a one minute binary options strategy, you must choose a broker that offers expiry times as short as 60 seconds. Not all brokers offer this option, so do your research to find a reputable broker that allows quick expiry times and a platform that updates quickly with the live market price.

Analyze the Charts

While acting quickly is key, you still need to make informed decisions. Analyze one minute candlestick charts to identify current trends and potential entry points. Look for familiar patterns like head and shoulders, support and resistance levels, or trading ranges. The shorter timeframe means trends may reverse quickly, so you must stay on alert.

Have a Trading Plan

With only 60 seconds to act, you need to have a solid trading plan in place ahead of time. Know exactly what signals you are looking for and how much to invest for each trade. Decide on your entry, exit and stop loss points before you start trading to avoid emotional decisions. Practice your strategy on a demo account first to ensure you have mastered it.

Trade During Volatile Sessions

For the best chance at strong, quick price moves, focus your one minute strategy during volatile trading sessions. The opening of major markets like New York or London exchanges, release of important economic news or earnings reports, or political events can spur a flurry of activity. Place several trades during these periods to maximize your profits.

Stay Disciplined

The thrill of fast-paced trading can lead to impulse decisions and risky behavior. Remain disciplined in your strategy by sticking to your trading plan and risk management rules. Do not let losses tempt you into revenge trading or alter your strategy in the middle of a trading session. With practice and discipline, a one minute binary options strategy can yield substantial profits.

In summary, the keys to success are choosing a broker suited for 60 second options, analyzing the charts for short term trends, having a strict trading plan, focusing on volatile periods, and maintaining discipline. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to profiting from one minute binary options.

The Best 1 Minute Binary Options Strategy Explained

To execute the 1 minute binary options strategy, you must first identify an asset that is volatile and moves drastically over a short period of time. Some examples include:

Currency Pairs

Currency pairs like the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY often fluctuate quickly over the course of a minute based on breaking news and market sentiment. Keep a close eye on the economic calendar to anticipate potential volatility.


Commodities such as oil and natural gas can experience sharp price movements in a 60 second period. Look for inventories reports, geopolitical events or extreme weather that could impact supply and demand.


Highly volatile technology and biotechnology stocks are well suited for this strategy. Look for companies releasing key earnings reports, product announcements or other market-moving news that could prompt a quick surge or drop in the share price within a minute.

Once you have identified a suitable asset, conduct technical analysis to determine entry and exit points. Look for strong support and resistance levels, trend lines and candlestick formations on the 1 minute chart to signal optimal buy or sell points. Employ indicators such as the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) to confirm the overall trend and spot overbought or oversold signals.

Enter a “call” or “put” option in the direction of the prevailing short-term trend. For example, if the trend is up and the RSI signals the asset is oversold, enter a “call” option. If the trend is down and MACD signifies overbought conditions, enter a “put” option. Set an expiry of 60 seconds to align with the strategy.

To maximize profits and minimize losses with this fast-paced method, it is essential to act quickly and decisively based on your technical analysis and instincts. The key is to identify and capture short-term price fluctuations in highly volatile assets to generate profits within a minute. With some practice, the 1 minute binary options strategy can be an exciting and lucrative trading methodology.


In conclusion, this one minute binary options strategy can provide you with a simple yet effective way to trade the markets. By following the guidelines outlined here, including using the recommended indicators and settings, you now have a strategy that can help filter out market noise. Execute it with discipline by taking only high-probability setups. Let the winners run and manage your risk on every trade. If implemented properly, this strategy may give you an edge with one minute expiries. Continue honing your skills through practice and review your trading journal to improve over time. With the right amount of dedication, this straightforward approach can become a valuable part of your trading toolbox.


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