The 60 Second Binary Options Trading Strategy Guide


As an investor seeking profits in the fast-paced markets of 60 second binary options, you require a strategy that can rapidly analyze market movements while mitigating risk. This comprehensive guide provides the binary options trading techniques you need to profit within the brief expiry times. Learn the indicators to monitor, the strategies to implement, and the practices to avoid. With the right approach, 60 second binaries offer opportunities to quickly compound earnings. But it takes an effective system – one this article will outline. Whether a novice or experienced trader, the following pages cover the essential knowledge for executing a winning 60 second binary options plan. Now let’s explore the key components for trading success.

An Introduction to 60 Second Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading offers a fixed risk and fixed reward, which means investors know exactly what they stand to gain or lose from the outset. 60 second binary options are a fast-paced style of binary options trading that allow traders to buy or sell options contracts in just one minute.

How 60 Second Binary Options Work

With 60 second options, you buy or sell a contract within one minute. The price at the end of the 60 seconds is compared to the initial price to determine whether you finish in or out of the money. For example, if you buy a call option for $40 and the price rises to $42 in 60 seconds, you finish in the money and receive a payout. If the price remains flat or falls, you finish out of the money and lose your $40.

The Advantages of 60 Second Trading

The main advantage of 60 second binary options is that you can potentially make a higher volume of trades in a shorter period of time. More trades mean more opportunities to profit, although the risk is also higher. 60 second options are ideal for investors who prefer fast-paced, high-energy trading and have a higher risk tolerance.

Developing a 60 Second Trading Strategy

To succeed at 60 second binary options, you need to develop a robust trading strategy. Analyze the underlying asset to determine if it’s trending up or down. Look for entry points where a reversal may occur. Use indicators like moving averages, Bollinger bands, and stochastic oscillators to confirm the direction of the trend and spot potential reversals. Always manage your money and never risk more than 2-3% of your account balance on any single trade.

With the right strategy and money management, 60 second binary options can be an exciting and potentially lucrative trading instrument. However, the speed and volatility also mean that there is a high chance of losing your money quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. New traders should start slowly and learn the ropes before risking too much capital.

The Benefits and Risks of 60 Second Binary Options

Higher Potential Returns

The main benefit of 60 second binary options is the opportunity to generate high profits in a very short period of time. Given the short-term nature of these contracts, successful trades can yield returns of up to 80% within just 60 seconds. For those seeking fast profits, the potential returns of 60 second options are highly appealing.

Increased Volatility

60 second binary options are ideal for traders looking to capitalize on short-term market volatility. The quick turnaround means that the value of the underlying asset can change dramatically in the 60 seconds after purchasing the option contract. This volatility introduces more risk but also provides more opportunities to lock in profits. Traders must act quickly to open and close positions to benefit from fast price swings.

Higher Risk of Loss

While the potential returns of 60 second binary options are high, the risk of loss is also substantial. There is little time to recover if the trade moves against you. Losses can mount quickly if multiple failed trades are placed in succession. The speed and volatility that produce large gains can also wipe out an account balance if not properly managed. Traders must go in with realistic expectations and risk management practices in place.

Requires Constant Monitoring

To effectively trade 60 second binary options, constant market monitoring and analysis are required. Traders must be actively watching for opportunities and ready to quickly enter and exit positions as market conditions change. This fast-paced trading style is not suitable for those who cannot dedicate their full attention to the markets during trading hours. Robust technical analysis and trading experience are necessary to profit from these short-term options.

In summary, while 60 second binary options offer the opportunity for high returns, they also present significant risks that traders must fully understand and accept before engaging in this fast-paced style of trading. With proper risk management and market analysis, profits can be made, but the odds will always remain in the favor of the broker. Traders should only allocate a small portion of their funds to high-risk, short-term options like 60 second binary options.

Top 60 Second Binary Options Strategies and Tips

To achieve success with 60 second binary options, you need to employ strategic techniques and methods. Developing a comprehensive strategy and gaining valuable experience will increase your odds of profiting from this fast-paced trade option.

Analyze the Underlying Asset

Conduct in-depth analysis of the underlying asset you intend to trade to determine if the price is likely to rise or fall within the 60 second time frame. Look at factors like recent news events, trends, support and resistance levels, and trading volumes. For example, a sudden spike in trading volume often indicates a strong move in one direction.

Choose Your Position Wisely

Once you analyze the asset, choose a call (price will rise) or put (price will fall) position. Make your decision based on the direction you expect the price to move within 60 seconds. For the best chance of success, trade in the overall direction of the market trend. if the market is bullish, focus on call positions. If bearish, focus on put positions.

Manage Your Money and Risks

You must manage your capital properly to achieve long term success. Only risk a small percentage of your account balance on each trade, ideally 1-5%. Never risk your entire balance or invest money you cannot afford to lose. You should also set stop-loss orders to limit losses in case the trade moves against you. Proper money management is key to long term profitability.

React Quickly

With 60 second options, you only have 60 seconds to open and close your position. You need to react quickly to enter the trade at the right time based on your analysis. Watch the live price chart to determine when to enter. Once in the trade, be ready to close out at a moment’s notice to lock in profits or cut losses. The fast-paced nature of 60 second binary options requires quick reaction times and decisions.

Following these tips and developing your own strategic approach tailored to your trading style can help you achieve success with 60 second binary options. Gaining experience through practice and patience is key. Start with a demo account to build up your skills before trading with real money.

How to Execute a Successful 60 Second Binary Options Trade

Analyze the Underlying Asset

To execute a successful 60 second binary options trade, you must first analyze the underlying asset you intend to trade to determine the likelihood of price movement within the time frame. Focus on assets with high volatility and liquidity, such as certain stocks, commodities, and currency pairs. Review price charts to identify potential entry points and trends. Look for key levels of support and resistance, as well as trend lines. The ideal situation is an asset with a clearly defined short-term trend leading up to your trade.

Choose Your Position

Once you have analyzed the asset, you must determine whether you think the price will rise or fall over the next 60 seconds. Choose ‘call’ if you think the price will rise or ‘put’ if you believe it will fall. Be decisive in your choice, as you only have 60 seconds for the trade to complete.

Manage Your Money and Risk

With only 60 seconds, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the trade. However, you must manage your money and risk carefully. Only trade with money you can afford to lose, and never risk more than 2-5% of your account balance on any single trade. Use a stop-loss to minimize potential losses if the trade moves against you.

Monitor and React

After executing your trade, closely monitor the price action of the underlying asset. Be ready to potentially exit your trade early if it looks like the trend is reversing. For a call option, if the price drops below your stop-loss, exit the trade immediately to minimize losses. For a put option, if the price rises above your stop-loss, exit right away. If the trade is moving in your favor, you may choose to let it expire to gain the maximum payout. With only 60 seconds, you must be ready to react quickly to changing market conditions.

Following these steps will put you in the best position to execute a successful 60 second binary options trade. Do your analysis, choose a clear position, manage risk carefully, and be ready to react quickly to the market. While short-term trading is inherently risky, a disciplined approach can lead to solid results. With practice and experience, 60 second trades can become an exciting and profitable part of your trading strategy.

FAQ – Answering Common Questions About 60 Second Binary Options Trading Strategy

What Are 60 Second Binary Options?

60 second binary options are a fast-paced style of trading binary options with very short expiry times. The trader opens and closes a position within a minute. This means positions are opened and closed quickly, allowing for more opportunities to trade but also more risk.

What Is the Appeal of 60 Second Options?

The main appeal of 60 second options is the potential for quick profits. The short time frame allows traders to achieve results faster, whether winning or losing. This fast-paced trading can be exciting and appeals to risk-seeking traders. The short time frame also allows traders to compound wins by opening multiple positions within a short period of time.

What Are Some Effective 60 Second Strategies?

Some strategies that work well for 60 second options include:

-Trend spotting: Look for strong trends in the market and trade in the direction of the trend. The short time frame means the trend may continue over the next minute.

-Reversal spotting: Look for reversals in the market where price is moving against the prevailing trend. If timed properly, the reversal may lead to a win.

-Breakout trading: Trade new highs or new lows as the price breaks out of a range or channel. The momentum may continue pushing the price higher or lower.

  • News trading: Trade economic news releases and look for the immediate price reaction. The quick price movement can lead to wins if traded properly. Close positions quickly though as the trend often reverses.
  • Resistance/support trading: Trade bounces off major support or resistance levels. Look for price to reverse upon hitting these levels.

What Are the Risks of 60 Second Options?

The risks of 60 second options are significant due to the highly volatile and unpredictable nature of price movements over such a short time frame. Some major risks include:

  • Price whipsaws: Quick price reversals can lead to losses quickly. There is little time to manage positions.
  • Difficult to analyze: There is little time to properly analyze charts and trends. Decisions must be made quickly.
  • Higher fees: Broker fees for 60 second options tend to be higher as a percentage of profits due to the small profit margins. This can eat into profits.
  • Difficult to manage: Multiple positions are hard to manage effectively given the short time frame. It is easy to get into a cycle of revenge trading after losses.
  • Significant capital at risk: Due to the risky nature, it is easy to lose a high percentage of capital invested which some traders may struggle to recover from. Strict risk management is essential.

In summary, while 60 second options offer opportunities for quick profits, the risks are substantial. With the proper risk management and trading strategy, 60 second options can be traded but traders should go in with


As this guide has shown, 60 second binary options provide an exciting opportunity to profit in a short period of time. However, they also require research, practice, and discipline to trade profitably. With persistence and the right strategies, you can develop your skills and achieve consistent results. Trading responsibly with proper risk management allows you to minimize losses. Keep honing your knowledge, use technical and fundamental analysis, stick to your plan, manage emotions, and you will be on your way to mastering 60 second binary options trading. With the right approach, these fast-paced options can be a valuable addition to your trading portfolio.


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